What is CabServices4U?

CabServices4U is a website where you can search, compare and book outstation cab rentals. You can avail our services through our website. You can compare different rentals based on their feedback ratings and pricing. Our aim is to help our customer to make an informed decision based on driver, cabs and agency ratings

Why should I book through CabServices4U?

CabServices4U is the only solution in the country where you can search for different cab rentals based on their ratings. CabServices4U lists many cab vendors for our customers to make an informed decision. We are a marketplace solution where you can compare cab rentals and book them through our website.

Why should I provide feedback to CabServices4U?

Your feedback is an integral part of our rating system that helps other people to make an informed decision on their cab rental. The feedback system helps us keep scrupulous and non-transparent behaviour at bay that you can see in traditional cab booking providers. It also encourages cab vendors to provide better services. It is also useful for you to make an informed decision in the first place. The feedback is also used to take disciplinary or other necessary action against involved cab vendors as necessary.

Shall I get exactly the same vehicle as in the pictures?

That’s our ultimate goal that we can deliver once our vendor partners achieve sufficient operational efficiency. Although, at the moment, we might face multiple bookings for the same vehicle. In such cases, you will get a similar vehicle of same make & model as each vendor maintains similar standards for his fleet.

How can I book a cab for wedding purpose?

Yes, sure, you can also book our cars for wedding purposes.